March 14, 2022 3 min read

Facebook Company, now known as Meta, introduces a new update connected to VR fitness. According to the company, users will be able to see their VR fitness stats from Oculus move to other places aside from the app installed in theVR gaming headset. Starting by April, users will be able to see their movement and fitness metrics within the Oculus mobile app for iOS and Android. These fitness metrics will include your VR fitness goal, the calories burned, and the minutes a user spent when working out using a VR app or VR game.


Apple Health and Oculus Move

Furthermore, the VR mobile app called Oculus Move will support integration with Apple Health. This means that every VR workout you do can be tracked in the same app as well as your non-VR workouts. Meta further discussed that they are currently exploring integrations by adding fitness tracking platforms.

To sync your VR metrics with the Oculus app or Apple Health, you need to opt-in. Once you sync your data with the Oculus mobile app, all the Move data will be stored on Meta’s servers and will be protected with end-to-end encryption.


Encrypted Fitness Metrics on Oculus Move

Meta further discussed and assured users that any data from the Move metrics will not be used to inform ads across Meta’s other platforms and services. In fact, the company will update its supplemental data policy this April 11. This data policy will include information on how it will store its users’ fitness-related info if the user chooses to opt-in.

According toMeta’s data policy, once a user enables any fitness-related experiences on their Oculus, such as Oculus Move, the company will process information related to every fitness activity. The metrics include the number of calories the user burned, how long they have been physically active, as well as their fitness goals and achievements. Users can also provide personal and demographic information to help with their fitness journey. This personal information includes height, weight, and sex, which will be used so the software can better estimate a user’s fitness achievements.

Apple Health Syncs with Oculus Quest 2 Movement Data

Working Out Using VR

Working out using virtual reality apps or games has grown in popularity since Oculus Quest 2 was released in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic played a role in this trend, as people wanted to stay fit and engaged in any physical activities without leaving their houses.

Meta has found an opportunity with the rise of VR fitness in 2020. This led the company to purchase Within in October 2021, the studio responsible for developing Supernatural. For those who have no idea what Supernatural is, it is one of the most popular subscription-based fitness apps for the Oculus Quest standalone VR gaming headset.


VR Fitness Games

Space Trainer VR - Fitness VR Games

If you’re looking for other VR games that involve fitness activity, then we definitely recommend these five games below:

1 - Beat Saber - is a VR rhythm video game where players can slash the beats of music as they fly in your direction while you are transported to a futuristic world. It was developed by Beat Games and was released back in May 2019. It’s the best game to play if you want to immerse yourself in music and its beats.

2 - Dance Central -is another music rhythm video game from Harmonix, the developers of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. With over 32 soundtracks, follow specially choreographed routines to get your body moving to the beat.

3 - Superhot VR - is an award-winning video game from the SUPERHOT Team. It is a hybrid puzzle-shooter game that is a bit challenging for players. There are no regenerating health bars or ammo drops in the game.

4 - Space Pirate Trainer -puts the player in the role of a space pirate trainee. Fight off drones by using weapons and defend yourself from their laser attacks by using your shields. The game is continuously being developed, so expect additional content every now and then.

5 - The Climb -is a simulation game that simulates rock climbing in the world of virtual reality. The game allows you to scale new heights and explore virtually stunning environments.


With the new advancements of VR and fitness games, it is more enjoyable to be fit than ever before.

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