October 17, 2022 3 min read


Meta has been sharing a few details about its Project Cambria for years. This new VR headset, they say, will introduce a significant leap in VR technology. And at last, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has finally introduced its finished product, the Meta Quest Pro.

The Meta Quest Pro is the company's first entry into the new high-end line of VR devices. According to their official blog post, the new VR headset is packed with innovative features. The new device includes high-res sensors for immersive mixed-reality experiences and crisp LCD displays to deliver sharp visuals.

The newVR gaming headset has a new sleeker design that gives off a more futuristic look than its predecessors. It also comes with Eye Tracking and Natural Facial Expressions to help users' avatars reflect their faces naturally in VR.




The Meta Quest Pro has cutting-edge technologies with a design that serves as an essential step toward the future. With its specifications, the VR headset can bring users a new level of VR and mixed-reality experiences.

It is the first-ever VR headset powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ platform. This makes it possible to optimize the device to run at 50% more than what Meta Quest 2 can deliver and gives it better thermal dissipation, significantly improving performance.

Aside from 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, the Meta Quest Pro has 10 high-res sensors, five located inside the headset and five outside, enhancing its ability to deliver various immersive experiences.



Here's every feature you need to know about the Meta Quest Pro:

Full Color Mixed Reality

The Meta Quest Pro will bring new visual experiences with its unique optical stack, designed to provide clear and sharp visuals. It also comes with two LCD displays that use quantum dot technology to deliver richer and more vivid colors. It also has specialized backlight hardware that powers its local dimming technology to improve displays with 75% more contrast.

Next-Generation Optics

The Meta Quest Pro comes with new sensor architecture that includes high-resolution outward-facing cameras to deliver high definition and a full-color mixed reality experience.

This VR device also features Passthrough technology, combining multiple sensor views and bringing a realistic view of the world in 3D. Its technology also carries high quality, better depth perception, and fewer visual distortions.

This VR headset lets you combine the physical environment with virtual elements to experience mixed reality at its best.

Users can also use Shared Spatial Anchors and Presence Platform's Scene to build virtual objects with which they can interact in physical space.

Sleek New Design

The Meta Quest Pro has the slimmest and most balanced VR design with its pancake lenses and curved-cell battery. This means it is comfortable to wear and lets you focus on next-level VR experiences.

A new feature of this VR headset will allow users to adjust the lens distance from their eyes with its unique eye relief dial. This gives users a more optimized fit, better face tracking, and a viewing experience. It will also enable people to fine-tune their headsets depending on their preferences.

The Meta Quest Pro is designed with an open periphery, enabling people to use their peripheral vision to stay in their present environment and multitask between reality and the virtual world. And if you wish to fully immerse yourself with the Meta Quest Pro, you can snap on its magnetic partial light blockers included in its box. You can also choose a more traditional VR experience by purchasing full-light blocker attachments when they are released by the end of the year.


Price and Availability

The Meta Quest Pro will be available in the market starting on October 25 for $1,499.99. The Meta Quest Pro will include the headset, the Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers, the charging dock, stylus tips, and partial light blockers.

For those interested, you can now pre-order this new VR headset from the Meta Store in any country where Meta products are supported. You can also avail of the Meta Quest Pro from any of Meta's select retail partners, including Best Buy, Currys, FNAC, and Boulanger.


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