November 30, 2022 3 min read

 Dell Keyboards and Laptops to Feature Haptic Feedback Palm Rests

Dell happened to register a new patent which shows the possibility that they will implement haptic feedback technology within their keywords and laptop palm rests in the future. The technology company has been known for supplying PC components and laptops around the world. They also own the “Alienware” brand, a popular choice for gamers looking for advanced gaming PCs and laptops.


Development of the Patent

Dell Haptic Feedback Patent

There has been an ongoing debate on which input hardware is best for playing video games. Some prefer controllers, while others have always liked using a keyboard and mouse. Both input devices have their own pros and cons. But controller users often point out one outstanding feature: the controller’s haptic feedback. And that’s precisely what the team at Dell wants to potentially bring into the market – a keyboard and laptop palm rest with haptic feedback.

As you can see in the patent image, it aims to provide users with real-time feedback when they carry out certain functions, such as when they press the trackpad on their laptops. But the feature goes beyond that. In fact, according to the team handling this project, they plan to implement the haptic feedback feature in a gaming environment. For example, as the gamer plays a video game, the palm resting on the keyboard or gaming laptop would give feedback for the situation in the game, such as a car crash or a bomb exploding.


Idea and Bottlenecks

 Dell Keyboards and Laptops to Feature Haptic Feedback Palm Rests

The idea of delivering real-time feedback for a keyboard or laptop is fascinating for gamers who love playing a first-person shooter or racing games. After all, console controllers can feel the recoil of a gun through its haptic feedback. For example, the PlayStation 5’s Dualsense controller has advanced haptic feedback technology, which delivers pressure-sensitive triggers, adding another level of realism to their gaming experience.

The only problem when adding haptic feedback to the keyboard is that it can put off some players and affect the precise nature of the keyboard and mouse. Keep in mind that when using a mouse and keyboard, it is designed accurately. It is particularly crucial when playing online shooting games such as Call of Duty: Warzone. For example, one unexpected rumble at the wrong time can affect the accuracy of a person, which can mean the difference between winning a game or being killed early in the game.


Future Development

 Dell Keyboards and Laptops

While we won’t see haptic feedback technology on keyboards and laptops for some time. It is exciting to know that the ideas will soon be introduced to advance the gaming scene. However, Dell isn’t the first company to think of ways to develop a more immersive way for PC gamers to play. A group of ex-Razer designers once created an alternative to gaming keyboards called the new Alt Motion Controller. His design combines the benefits of a gamepad, mouse, and keyboard. However, this design did not offer any haptic feedback. But with the possibility of haptic feedback being applied to keyboards and laptops, Dell will be solving the argument as to whether controllers are better to use than a keyboard and mouse when gaming.


Haptic Feedback Technology

 Haptic Feedback Technology

Developers have been using haptic technology to stimulate the sense of touch that users can experience when interacting with virtual objects. It delivers a sense of touch by applying vibrations, forces, or motions to the user. Some devices use haptic technology by incorporating tactile sensors, which also measure the forces exerted by the user on the interface. For example, some Android smartphones can detect when you pick them up and vibrate if you receive new notifications. This is a form of haptic technology.

Many are looking forward to the immersive experience haptic feedback devices can bring to the table in the gaming industry. Most console controllers now feature haptic feedback, which creates vibrations when certain situations are being experienced by users in the game. To take it further up the notch, haptic feedback suits are now being made to use in VR games. For example, a user can wear a haptic feedback suit and play a first-person shooting game on VR. He will be able to feel any damage or shots the user receives in-game through the haptic feedback suit, delivering a more immersive gameplay experience.

By adding haptic feedback technology to the keyboard’s palm rest, users who play on their  gaming computers will have to experience a new level of gaming.



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