June 06, 2022 3 min read

New SenseGlove Nova Allows You to Feel the Metaverse

A new haptic technology called SenseGlove Nova allows users to feel objects in the Metaverse. With its hardware and intuitive software development tools, this haptic feedback glove is built to create true haptic interactions. It allows you a more immersive and compelling virtual world experience.

Using advanced haptic technologies, the SenseGlove nova offers the best-in-class comfort and functionality. Built with business in mind, this device is completely wireless. It is compatible with standalone headsets, which can be donned in 5 seconds.

Currently, SenseGlove Nova is being used by high-end enterprises. Its technology makes it possible for companies to do hands-on training in a virtual reality environment. This does not only cut costs but also minimizes risks such as damaging the equipment or accidentally causing harm to its user.

To know more about the SenseGlove Nova, check out its features and applications below:

SenseGlove Nova Features

SenseGlove Nova

The SenseGlove Nova enables users to experience advanced technology with unparalleled freedom with its features:

1 - Force Feedback

These haptic gloves allow digital objects to have a real hand presence. It has a force-feedback system that has 20 Newtons of resistance within 10ms, allowing users to feel digital objects as if they are real. This makes the SenseGlove Nova perfectly suited for any VR training.

2 - Vibrotactile Feedback

The SenseGlove Nova also features vibrotactile feedback. Each glove is embedded with an advanced voice coil actuator technology, which allows them to deliver the feeling of interacting with realistic button clicks and impact simulations. These features are crucial for virtual reality training that involves tools and dashboards.

3 - Motion Tracking

SenseGlove Nova has motion tracking, designed to combine sensor-based finger tracking with a computer vision hand tracking algorithm. It comes with Pico Neo2, so it doesn't need any external tracking devices.

SenseGlove Nova Applications

SenseGlove Nova Applications

SenseGlove Nova is engineered for various applications, including the following:

  • Assembly Training

With these haptic gloves, users can virtually train to deal with machinery and parts of all sizes and shapes.

  • Brand Awareness

These haptic gloves combined with virtual reality are among the best ways to engage with your customers and communicate your company's values. Customers will see and feel your message more, creating a memorable experience for your brand.

  • First Responder Training

SenseGlove is also used for first responder training. Users can train to maintain disaster management efficiently while preserving their gear and equipment.

  • Installation Training

With SenseGloves, users can freely train installation techniques while feeling the material properties with its haptic feedback technology.

  • Maintenance Training

SenseGloves are engineered to help with maintenance training. This involves developing skills from maintaining equipment functions to repairing machinery.

  • Medical Training

With its vibrotactile technology, SenseGlove is perfect for medical training. Users can virtually interact with medical equipment and get used to what they feel like in real life.

  • Showcasing Products

SenseGlove Nova allows you to better demonstrate your products through virtual reality. It adds true realism through the sense of touch, allowing customers to interact with your product virtually as if it was real.


Why Buy SenseGlove Nova?

Why Buy SenseGlove Nova?

Aside from its advanced features and haptic feedback technology, here are three additional things that make the SenseGlove Nova an excellent tool for enterprise:

1 - Easy to Use 

The SenseGlove Nova has a wireless design and can work with standalone headsets. It features an updated flexible form factor that enables users to feel and experience virtual objects with unparalleled freedom.

2 - Cost-Effective

Another factor that makes SenseGlove the ideal haptic glove is its cost-efficient. It offers the ability for users to experience digital worlds through intuitive real-world behaviors at an affordable price. This makes SenseGlove the most accessible device enterprises can use for their VR training.

3 - Industry Approved

SenseGlove Nova possesses the technology and features required for VR training. It has been tested for training and research applications by industry leaders including Volkswagen, Honda, P&G Health, London North Eastern Railway (LNER), European Space Agency (ESA), etc.

The Developer


SenseGlove has a diverse team of experts, from electrical engineers, computer vision experts, and haptics researchers to XR developers. The company was started by Johannes Luijten and Gijs den Butter from the Delft University of Technology, the MIT of Europe.

SenseGlove Nova, the haptic gloves, started as their graduation project. Its first working prototype came along with a VR use case developed and created in 2017 together with Volkswagen. To this day, Volkswagen remains a partner of SenseGlove to bring Metaverse into life.

The company aims to develop future input devices for Metaverse digital interactions. SenseGlove believes that haptic feedback devices will soon become the norm, similar to how users work with mouse and keyboard devices.


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