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Samsung has launched its own AR playground called Dreamground. According to its developers, Dreamground offers a powerful combination of Samsung Technology and Augmented Reality Technology. Users are free to explore, create, and play. It is where users can have a live AR experience built to foster creativity and exploration.


What is Dreamground

Samsung Dreamground connects products and services to work together, allowing users to experience and bring AR technology to their everyday lives. It offers both physical and digital playgrounds through a combination of physical structures, custom AR functionality, and on-screen animation.

You can now experience Dreamground at Hollywood Park, located in Los Angeles. You can also go to Samsung’s flagship experiential store at Samsung 837 in New York City.


How to Experience Dreamground

Upon visiting these Dreamground physical locations, users can build an immersive digital world around them by using AR elements using their mobile phones. Here’s how you can explore, create, and play in Samsung’s Dreamground:




Once you arrive at Hollywood Park or Samsung 837, you will find sculptures and floating portals where you can explore immersive worlds using your smartphone.

Look for immersive worlds, including the Crystal Galaxy, Bubbloonland, and Fluttering Forest, and explore what other users have created in the AR space.


Once you’re in these immersive worlds, you can add your virtual elements to the sculptures. You can place and add interactive elements on any surface. You can even draw midair to make custom floating creations in Dreamground. Feel free to create and be creative with each element you add to the AR space so the next visitors can enjoy your creation.


Whether you’re in Hollywood Park or Samsung 837, you and other visitors can place any Dreamground’s AR elements around the AR space. You can see AR creations left behind by previous visitors or even collaborate with other users to add new AR elements in real-time.

These AR elements will live in the Dreamground locations for up to 24 hours, so you can leave your creations behind for others. This makes each experience unique for visitors. Each site is built depending on the AR creations added by its visitors.


Dreamground Technology


Dreamground TechnologyPhoto Source: Samsung Newsroom


Users can access Dreamground through the 4K film projected on Samsung’s Infinity Screen. Building with the future in mind, the video board currently has the largest LED content playback system ever deployed. The Samsung Infinity Screen features nearly 80 million pixels spaced 8 millimeters from center to center. Each panel can be uniquely programmed with any live or animated content.

The Dreamground experience has portals exclusive to Samsung Galaxy 5G devices on Verizon. These Galaxy 5G Portals will feature 4k, 360 streamed video with ultra-high fidelity AR. This gives users the ability to explore and interact in high resolution and real-time. It showcases the power of high bandwidth and the low latency of 5G technology.


Download Dreamground Experience

Dreamground is available on Android and iOS mobile devices. You can download Dreamground fromGoogle Play Store. You can also go to Samsung’s website to download Dreamground from their official web page forDreamground.

Suppose you want to visit Samsung’s Dreamground location at Hollywood Park and SoFi Stadium. In that case, you can go to thislink to check for more information. While for people who want to try the Dreamground location on Samsung 837 in New York City, check the details below.

Samsung 837 - Dreamground Location

Samsung 837 is at 837 Washington Street, New York. You can find the location between the Chelsea Market and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

In Samsung 837, it is built where technology and culture collide. In this place, you can experience an experiential space that combines art, fashion, technology, and gaming by using Samsung’s latest devices.

The Dreamground in Samsung 837 lets you experience the world as a fantastical AR wonderland. Here, you can create, explore, and play with other visitors in creating and adding AR elements to the space around you.

The Samsung 837 is open from Monday to Sunday. Its business hours are from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM.


Samsung and the AR Technology

Samsung has been working with AR Technology for years. This year, Samsung has released a virtual hands-on shopping experience to the users. This technology lets shoppers interact with any Samsung products using their smartphones, tablet, or desktop. Using a website, users can experience the functionality of a smartphone, tablet, or PC they want to buy from the comfort of their own home.

While back in 2019, Samsung worked together with Libresteam to deliver an Augmented Reality Solution that has improved worker communications and safety. They have released the ruggedized tablet called Galaxy Tab Active Pro as part of this improvement. It is an enterprise tablet that is supported by an ecosystem of partners. This runs different applications for improving operational efficiency and workplace productivity.

Working with Librestream Technologies, Samsung has developed a joint AR solution on the Galaxy Tab Active Pro. It is designed for industrial workers in different industries, including manufacturing, public safety markets, and transportation.

And with the development of Dreamgrounds, we look forward to the future of AR technology that users can experience using theirAR gaming gears. For more news about the latest development on Samsung’s AR technology, you can visit their official website and sign up onSamsung’s Newsroom.


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