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Last October 28, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the rebranding of The Facebook Company. The tech giant and social media company is now called "Meta," to go along with its new vision for the future. This new vision includes bringing Metaverse to all users globally and helping people connect more. Meta verse is a space in the virtual world where people can interact and do several activities as they do in the physical world.

Although the term "metaverse" sounds new to most people, gamers and sci-fans have known the word. In the Metaverse, users create a virtual version of themselves in an avatar that can interact with a 3D virtual environment and with other users' avatars. In this 3D virtual environment, users can do anything they like with their friends. These activities include playing sports, traveling to different virtual places/worlds, watching videos together, and even attending live concerts on the other side of the world. With Metaverse, being at the moment whenever or wherever you are is possible.

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Metaverse in Video Games


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From 1992 to 2004, tech companies and organizations have created 3D virtual worlds or "metaverses" in games and applications that allow users' avatars to play, interact, and buy items using digital currencies. We have "Active World," which was released in 1995. Then there was Team Fortress, released in 1996, and in 2003, Linden Lab launched Second Life, and Makena Technologies launched There.

Over the years, the Metaverse has evolved, and the latest games in the market started introducing it. As Facebook puts it, they think that Metaverse will be the future of immersive experience.


VR Gaming and Metaverse


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Facebook/Meta has invested a significant portion of its resources in virtual reality and augmented reality. They have helped develop the Oculus VR gaming headset,as well AR glasses and wristband technologies. Not only that, Facebook/Meta plans to invest $50 million to partner with creators and developers to build the Metaverse they dream of.

In recent years, we've seen video games incorporate VR technology. We've seen the release of Beat Saber, Star Wars: Squadrons, Star Trek: Bridge Crew, No Man's Sky, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Sniper Elite VR, and many more.

As VR gaming continues to grow, Facebook/Meta plans to invest heavily in building a healthy VR ecosystem that will incorporate Metaverse into its video games. At The Connect 2021, Facebook/Meta announced the development of the VR version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Beat Saber, Population: One, and Blade & Sorcery: Nomad. They will also partner with Vertigo Games to develop five new games, including game worlds from Deep Silver.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Rockstar Games is currently developing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Oculus Quest 2. This will let fans experience a whole new look on San Fierro, Los Santos, and Las Venturas. Facebook/Meta also confirmed that the project has been taking years in the making, and they can't wait to show it to fans.


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Beat Saber has surpassed $100 million in its gross lifetime revenue on the Quest Platform. Beat Saber releases a fourth free update that includes original soundtracks and downloadable songs from Billie Eilish, Skrillex, and more to keep the game fresh.

Facebook/Meta further introduced that they have an amazing lineup of artists for 2022. You can check Beat Saber's teaser below:



Population: One

Population: One is currently the biggest multiplayer shooter on Quest Platform. It is a built-for-VR battle royale that was launched last year. The developers continuously release new updates to keep things fresh for their gamers. They will be releasing new updates for November and December.



Blade & Sorcery: Nomad

Blade & Sorcery is a melee combat video game that was launched on Oculus Rift in 2019. Its developer WarpFrog introduces the game with a system where weapons had real heft to their movements. Before 2022 ends, WarpFrog will release Blade & Sorcery: Nomad to Oculus Quest 2.




Partnership with Vertigo Games


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Vertigo Games has developed and published successful VR video games for years. These games include Unplugged, Arizona Sunshine, and A Fisherman's Tale. They are currently working on a new multiplayer VR action game titled "After the Fall."

Facebook/Meta will also partner with Vertigo to develop five new games. This includes game worlds from Deep Silver and others.

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