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VR headsets have given gamers the ability to see and hear the virtual environment presented in the game. Still, a haptic feedback suit gives a whole level of experience. Thesehaptic feedback suits are designed for its wearer to feel sensations from the game. 

How Does a Haptic Feedback Suit Work?

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Haptic feedback suits work with haptic feedback technology, which simulates the sense of touch by sending an engineered pulse of electrical current to an area of the suit. For example, suppose you are playing an FPS game when an opponent shoots your avatar in-game. You will then feel a sensation in the area of your body that got hit. This allows the gamer to feel what it's like being in the game, increasing immersion and experience.

Using varying amplitude, amperage, and frequency, this haptic feedback suit delivers a fine web of electrodes arrayed over the body. Wearing a haptic feedback suit can give its wearer different sensations such as "haptic animations."

Where Can You Buy a Haptic Feedback Suit?

As of now, the two known manufacturers are Tesla Suit and bHaptics. Here are the differences between the two suits made by Tesla and bHaptics:

Tesla Suit

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The Tesla Suit features haptic feedback, motion capture, and biometrics. It is designed to provide output from haptic feedback and climate control and receives inputs from motion capture and biometrics. With its design and software solution, its users can experience subtle touch sensations to feelings of physical exertion.

It also features Motion Capture, which is programmed to establish baselines and create programs, and embedded ECG and EDA sensors to capture its wearer's vitals and emotional stress levels.

Tesla Suit can be used in gaming and training individuals and teams that work under duress like firefighters and rescue teams. It is used as a tool for athletes to improve their performance. And more importantly, the Tesla Suit is also being used to rehabilitate people, learn physical actions, and train user reflexes.

bHaptics Suit

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The latest bHaptic suit in the series is the TactSuit X40, a wireless haptic vest that features 40 individually controllable vibrotactile motors. These motors allow its wearer to stay immersed in the content, as the positional haptic feedback can be delivered to every part of the body. The TactSuit X40 stands out because it is compatible with different platforms, including PC, VR, console, and even mobile.

The bHaptics feedback suit also features Bluetooth connectivity which enables a lag-free, wireless haptics experience. This means that the wearer can completely immerse themselves with the game's content and move without having to worry about stumbling over a wire.

The bHaptics feedback suit has 40 haptic points and has dual connectivity. It is VR-ready with embedded haptics and gives you lag-free wireless freedom. All bHaptics feedback suits are a one-size fit for a quick suit up and have a detachable and washable mesh lining.

How Can You Buy a Haptic Feedback Suit?


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Interested in treating yourself to a haptic feedback suit? Here is a quick buying guide you can follow:

  1. Do your research.
  2. Consider the cost.
  3. Check features and compatibility.

1 - Do your research.

First, up -- do your research. There are several manufacturers in the market right now, but bHaptics is one of the known brands. You can even buy their haptic feedback suits on Amazon, which is the easiest way to access and purchase their suits. You can also consider Tesla's Tesla Suit.

Another brand known in the haptic feedback suit market is Nullspace VR. They have an upper bodysuit that has 32-sensors and can deliver 117 effects. It can easily be worn over clothes as it is lightweight. Then there is also Axon VR's HaptX suit, which can make its user feel temperature, movement, and even the texture of virtual structures. There are other options in the market, so you need to research the best haptic feedback suit for you.

2 - Consider the cost.

Haptic feedback suits are gaming gears that come with a price. They are not cheap at all. Think of the purchase as a long-term investment, especially since investors are turning to the metaverse. For example, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, even changed the name of his company to "Meta." So you can expect to use your haptic feedback suit in the long run.

To give you an idea of how much these haptic feedback suits cost in the market, here are a few examples:

  • Tesla Suit - $20,000
  • KaayaTech HoloSuit Pro - $1,599
  • bHaptics TactSuit X40 - $499
  • bHaptics TactSuit X16 - $299
  • NullVR Hardlight Suit - $299

3 - Check features and compatibility.

As you can see from the range of prices, there are haptic feedback suits that cost a lot due to features that can be used not only for gaming but for other purposes. Take the Tesla Suit, for example. It is advertised to train public safety personnel like firefighters, police officers, SWAT members, or rescuers. No wonder it costs a lot of bucks.

Then there's NullVR's Hardlight Suit and bHaptics TactSuit, which are more affordable to gamers since they are intended for gaming. These are the type of haptic feedback suits that you can purchase for your VR games.


With all these tips, we hope that you finally have an idea of buying the perfect haptic feedback suit for you. You can also check our collection of haptic feedback suits on our online store,

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